Wednesday, July 28, 2010

body weight - a woman's nightmare

1999 - 53kg
baru lepas spm.

2004 - 55kg
year 4 in uni. naik sikit. blame it to the hormone (woman's metabolisme started to reduce at the age of 20).

2005 - 60kg
final year. masa tu baru kenal hafdzuan. konon-konon bahagia sangat la tu sampai berat naik pungggggg sampai 60kg within a year. masa tu jumpe kawan-kawan lama semua tanya "eh nampak berisi sikit". jawapan standard "a' ahh, tengah bahagia (jawapan poyo nak cover)".

2008 (before married to hafdzuan) - 60kg
berat dah stagnant sampai la sebelum & selepas kahwin.

2009 (final weight before gave birth) - 75kg
tu termasuk overdue-weight sekali tu. kalau bersalin on time takat 73kg jek (you'll gain so much weight at the end of pregnancy).

2009 (after giving birth to hadzim) - 64kg
i dont give a damn since there's nothing much i can do - i still breastfed, so i can't eat less (makan lagi banyak ada laaa). as long i can fit into all my pants & blouses, then its good enough for me (risau takut kene beli baju baru sbnrnya hehe). hence the only way is to start my jogging & swimming routine back.

2010 (exactly after 1 year of giving birth) - 59kg
wooohooo. dah lama giler tak merasa weight dengan angka 5 (its after 5 years!!). thank you for breastfeeding + jogging + swimming + no family planning pills (family planning pills might increase your weight, and it scares me a lot).

with the height of 167cm, my ideal weight is 58kg.
another 1 kg to shed off.
its easy peasy, heh (blagak kau ye).

but sometimes, the weight does not help you to have your-anak-dara looks back, it's all about your figure (32-26-32?; which is totally impossible to get, especially for woman who has become a mother). spare tyre is still everywhere!

Monday, July 26, 2010

and now i can call myself "a wife of a triathlete"

a few years back, hafdzuan told me what he really wants to do in his life - to be a triathlete.
and i didnt take it serious at all. all i think is - ok, u were talking crap, whateverlah! (ngeh ngeh ngeh. its not i dont want to believe it, but i do think its just too possible for him).

and now, after 2 years of serious preparation & training, his dream finally come true. he completed his first triathlon - olympic distance.

his first triathlon -PD International Triathlon. Sun, 250710.

we depart from our place at 5.20am & arrived the place at 6.15am.

bike check in at 6.30 am. (after snap this photo, i accidentally drop my DSLR and my flash was toatally spoiled. tskk. tskk. i almost cried. luckily the event starts at 7.30am, so i dont need the flash!).

first discipline - swim 1.5km.

2nd discipline - bike 40km.

while waiting for hafdzuan to complete his bike course (which took about 45min), my mum & i brought hadzim & his cousin to the sea side.

3rd discipline - run 10km.

i was acting like a paparazzi for the whole event - menunggu ketibaan hafdzuan, snap sini, pastu lari lagi kejar dia, snap sana plak, kejar lagi snap lagi. but its all worth it.

even though the timing is not so good for him (i know he can do better, blame on the course!), im glad he made it to the finishing line (berebut-rebut i kat depan nak amik gamba laki sendiri. hello, tepi laa korang yang laki tak sampai finish line lg ni, dok belakang2 sikit ye, nyampahh).

yes dear, now you can call yourself a triathlete.

(his wished - to have a photo completed with his timing & the arch finisher).

first triathlon medal. yeah, its quite heavy.

definitely, a triathlete-family potrait.

next - iron man!!! tapi tak tau bile ... hehe.
walopon korang tak paham apa yg i ngarut ni, tak pelah, the entry is all about my hubster & im so proud of what he's doing & having him in my life :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

this is how i spent my weekend

1. swim

we spent most of our weekend at the public swimming pool.
hafdzuan prefer to go to the pool rather than shopping complex (saving the pocket hehe).
besides need to perform his training, he prefer a physical exercise for hadzim - such as swimming, or playing at the park, compared to buying toys (hafdzuan didnt allowed me to buy much toys for hadzim).
anyway, we had spent our weekend at swimming pool looong time before we get married--after married--i was pregnant (until 8 months of pregnant)--have kid.
dah byk pelaburan i sekeluarga kat bukit jalil pool & putrajaya pool ni agaknye. hehe.

my turn to look for hadzim when hafdzuan doing his laps. he will take over when im doing my lap pulak. (read: i did not do my laps as much as before anymore. time & breathing constraint!! huwaaa)

2. accompany hubs in his races

for the whole last year, normally i will accompany hafdzuan on his race which happened on weekends. hadzim pon angkut sekali, eventhough it was as early as 5am (hafdzuan insist to bring hadzim, lebih feeling katanya). tahun ni xbrape byk run masuk because of his DPA course.

hafdzuan on his first run - feb 09. i was 4 months pregnant right then, thats why i could not join. sigh.

his addiction tu run & swim has brought him to join the triathlon.
he bought his bike later on and training schedule has going insane.
he join his first triathlon on last year august. i was in confinement mode but still there to give him some support.

hafdzuan and his first body marking at Desaru Triathlon. he took part in sprint category.

for this coming weekend, i will be at PD, cheering for Hafdzuan who took part in his first triathlon - olympic distance! as a coach (ehem), i am damnnn nervous, cause i knew he did not practice as much as he supposed to (he's on the course right now). i did not care so much on the timing, reaching finishing line without any injury is good enough for me.

at the end of the day, i know im upgrading myself as a wife of a triathlete (later will be an iron man yo!) and hadzim will run for him at the finishing line, as what he always been dreaming for :)
ehem. me? i want to complete my 10k first before i get my own bike.

so, how did you spend your weekends?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wishlist for son - fulfilled

excuse me for being a kiasu mom. but who doesnt? (ngeeeeeeeeeee).

a car-bed

been eyeing for this bed sejak-sejak sibuk ke kedai perabot membeli perabot rumah. and this one, my mom bought for hadzim as his 1st birthday gift (tapi i top-up sikit sebab mengada mahu yang cantik maka harganya lebih mahal laa). tqvm mom! lepas ni dah bole sleep training for hadzim - on a separate bed, separate room.

a neck float

ini memang target to grab when hadzim reach 1. since 3 months - pakai floaties. 1 year - pakai neck float. maybe when he reach 2 - will use arm float. hadzim tak berapa enjoy pakai neck float ni, yela first timer, & maybe sbb tak dapat tengok air. i'll make sure he will get use with it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i do have a crazy brother

... who always excited for having a nephew to bully-on (read: hadzim is the 1st nephew in the family, the rest are nieces).

Faeez & 6months-hadzim

Faeez hang hadzim on daddy's bike & i was screaming like hell "turunkan anak aku dari beskal tuuuuuu"

hadzim-afraid-of-height experiment by Faeez

and hadzim? he really loves all kind of stunts. not even once he cry.
ini baru sikit.
macam-macam lagi yang dia (Faeez) buat.
- gantung hadzim kat tepi swimming pool (masa kat phuket aritu) & let hadzim trying his all effort to climb out from the pool. siap jatuh terselam dlm pool.
- place a key at the gril to provoke hadzim to climb and get the keys.
- lambung-lambung hadzim tu toksah cerita laa.
- dan pelbagai lagi permainan ganas.

i guess he is too excited for having a nephew.
and rite now he has another one to bully-on, my new nephew who was born last sunday (on my wedding anniversary day - good day to be remembered).

rizqi zaidani who was born 4 hours before the world cup finale (tak tido bapaknye sepanjang malam, lepas tengok bini bertarung dlm labor room, sambung tengok spain bertarung plak).
the first boy of my brother. cousin of hadzim. the fourth grandson of my family. and definitely, the next victim of Faeez.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Growing old together



it's 2. and still counting.

Monday, July 05, 2010

mana tumpahnye kuah kalau tidak ke .......

dulu, sebelum berkasih dgn hafdzuan (pehhh), i mmg tak minat lelaki yg pandai main music instrument. tak tahulah kenapa. i rasa lelaki-lelaki yg pandai main alat music ni, yg selalu g jamming ni, or selalu pegi gig ni adalah lelaki tak baik (pehhh ye i mmg kolot haha).

sekaliiiiii. haaa amik kau. terus dapat suami yang boleh main drum, main guitar, siap ada band bagai & selalu pegi gig (dulu la).

sekarang tengok apa jadik pada anak sendiri??!!

hadzim sangat suka dgn guitar. macam-macam gaya dia petik gitar.
kalau masuk bilik mesti terus tuju kat gitar dulu.
kalau dia tengah mengada-ngada, hulur gitar terus senyap.
sekarang plak dah pandai petik kuat-kuat, sampai nak tercabut tali gitar tu (habislah ayah marah nanti).
kadang-kadang dia marah sebab gitar tak keluar bunyik. hai anak, mcm mana nak keluar bunyik kalau sambil petik gitar sambil duduk atas gitar? :)

p/s hafdzuan mmg suke nyanyi sambil petik gitar kat hadzim dari dia kecik lg. selalu main lagu twinkle-twinkle little star, or ibsy bitsy spider, or apa2 lagu laa asalkan dgn gitar. & it really works especially time pakaikan hadzim pampers. dia akan duduk diam & mengadap ayah dia yg tgh perform :)