Monday, May 31, 2010

b r o k e

thank God, today is the last day of May.
bulan Mei - bulan yang betul-betul mengkopakkan poket.

started as early of the month, kontrak menggunakan barang-barang perabot abang & kakak ipar sudah tamat. rumah mereka sudah siap renovate & mereka akan berpindah ke rumah baru tak lama lagi, so kenelah pulang semua barang-barang mereka. maka terjadilah koyakkan poket yg sangat besar - kene beli dining table, tv rack & segala macam benda. i should blog bout this later.

secondly, may is the month for mother's day!!! paham-paham jek lah, mak dah ada 2 sekarang (mak mertua sekali, 2 cukup la, mak tiri tidak dikire mak ok!) . walaopon contribution mmg ciput takat blanje makan (tu jek mampu time-time kopak cam ni) but the tought that counts .. ok moms? nanti i beli handbag LV untuk mak-mak ni bile dah kayo ok :)

thirdly - wedding yang beratur tiap hujung minggu. termasuk kawan-kawan yang baru dpt baby.

fourthly - birthday mama.

i tought the list will stop there. but there is number 5!

fifthly - a bloody hell chinese guy hit my car (it was hafdzuan's car actually) from the back, tersilap budget masa nak overtake. tak ke bodoh macam lembu tu? dah tau bawak van pon nak rempit. selepas berdrama ala-ala takde duit & tak mo baya walaopon salah sendiri, at last he gave up & gave me rm300 (yang aku paw) sebelum diugut "kalau u xboleh nak settle sekarang kita settle balai jek la." it happened last saturday, on my way to segamat for a friend's wedding. huh.

hey June, i just cant wait for you to come.
i just love June :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

one of the reason i need to get pregnant again

9 may 2009

i was 8 months pregnant & won the best female bowler during bowling competition organized by my company.

9 May 2010
i miserably failed to keep my crown as best female bowler.

the post mortem had done, and there are 2 main reasons why i failed to keep my crown:

1st reason - need to look for hadzim who busy walking here & there thus makes me lost my focus on the game.

2nd reason - because only when i get pregnant i can be the best female bowler. huh!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

few reasons to feel excited when attending a wedding

1. because you celebrate & be part of the wedding that will be remembered & cherished by the bride & groom for their whole life.

2. because you may eat nasik beriyani with kambing for free.

3. because you can bump into some old friends / relatives (weddings will always be the best place to have gathering).

4. because you can see the bakat terpendam of the bride / groom with their most beautiful / handsome looks (yelah wedding will only be the day for you to make-up-tebal-gilos & dress up).

5. because you can verify wether you can still fit into your 4 years kebaya (ok, it was me lah. haha!).

left photo - when attending hafdzuan's brother's wedding back in 2006.
right photo - when attending last saturday wedding.

the wedding that i attended last saturday night was Rio's wedding (Rio is one of my good friend back in uni, so does hubby) at Dewan Perdana Felda. it was a great one. congratulations friend.

sama cantik, sama padan.

Monday, May 10, 2010

a short one for mother's day

me: "why u havent wish me 'happy mother's day' today?"
husband: "today is mother's day eyh? really? ok, happy mother's day dear.."
me: "still wait for me to remind u ..."
husband: "u also didnt wish me for father's day on last year what .. but im still ok with it."
me: "what?! last year hadzim was not around yet, how u expect me to wish ..?"
husband: "at least u might say happy upcoming father's day."
me: fhoahfaosifhasohfoafhsfhoshfeohrfe!!!!!


Friday, May 07, 2010

the one who made me a mom

he is the one

the one who makes me scream everytime when i saw him playing at the stairs.
the one who now can walk on his own but still failed his walking licensed. kadang-kadang jalan macam orang mabuk.
the one who accompany me to sleep, since my-sleeping-partner is away.
the one who love seeing me scream when i wanted to put his pampers.
the one who can stand still & be the most wonderful kid in the world whenever tv advertisements pop out.
the one who melting my heart with his cheecky smile.
the one who scream at me excitedly when i was at the door, whenever i back from work.
the one who is everything for me.
he is the one who made me a mom. for 10 months, already. and i couldnt be happier than this.

happy mothers day for myself, my mom, my mother in-law and all mom in the world.
especially the first-time mom, like me. another date to celebrate!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

what makes a mom to feel proud?

being a single mom & raised 4 children on her own, i know this type of occassions definitely will get her to feel proud & feel good for herself - for being a successful mom.

as a children, we know our responsibilities towards our mom clearly.
my eldest brother & i had done our part.
this one the third time - my 2nd brother, Faeez.
another one coming up in October - my youngest brother, Faisya.
owh and my eldest brother, Fahmi for his 2nd time (!!!) to complete his specialist in Dec.

here goes Faeez's convocation on last Friday.

me, hadzim, Faeez & the proud mom.

i know .. she feel blessed.
she deserved it anyway :)