Friday, June 27, 2008


our micasa.
will completely done by august.
start kopak on september.
ready to move-in by october.

entrance to the heaven

ini orang ada share 50%

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

best of luck bro

hafdzuan my partner in crime is going to attend his final PTD interview this morning.
after few days of hardwork & ingnoring my sms (im an understanding partner ok?), i wish him the very best of luck & may he kick some ass to grab the desired position.

the maid of honor

"i can hear my sperm is dying"

the movie is simply perfect for me - jiwang sket & amat-amat kelakar. im chasing this movie since i missed to watch definitely maybe (lemau btol alamanda semua muvie best xde). asyik tgk cite tembak2 jek boring gak. anyway, the movie is deserved for 2 thumbs up :) lia kau dah tengok blom?

i supposed to quarantine myself since the big day is coming in less than 20days, but i can't help myself to go for this

.. and of course to drag him along. sungguh teruja sekali nak tengok nih!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tim's wedding 080608

here comes another bestfriend's wedding.
the friend who is going to walk into new phase - Fatimah Hanim & her partner of life Akmal

getting ready

eh xready lg ke..?

in a nervous mood

im getting the ring. yeahh

the hantarans

the bride & groom

smile weihh. u r on camera fren

the siblings

all of us. the form 3 classmates

its me & her

"welcome to our club" said mariam & sarah

"you are no more in our club" said dilla, nai & frh

the pelamin was very nice. but this is the only best shot ive took. owhh jauhnye ..

me & tim

congratulations friend. another friend leave us & make her own way.

but fiendship still remains ok?

Monday, June 09, 2008

welcome to our life :)

my sis-in-law gave birth to this beautiful chantek delicious yummy baby girl on last wednesday, 4th of June 2008 at 11.30pm. this is my 2nd niece.

Damia Hayfa

(Damia - yg cantik, genit. Hayfa - yg bijaksana)

sleeping beauty

Damia Hayfa & her 3years old sis - Darwisya Nadia