Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 weeks left

saya adalah sangat nervous kerana bulan Jun yang dinanti-nantikan akan tiba in a few days. oh my God, I am finally reaching my final month.

Jotting down some points for my own record & future reference :)

~ I went for final scanning to see the baby’s position, placenta, air ketuban, bla bla bla, & of course to confirm the baby’s gender (Hafdzuan adalah saiko sbb takut gender tiba-tiba lain pulak haha). Thank God, the baby’s gender still remains after 3x scanning. Saya adalah sangat gembira (Hafdzuan lebih gembire sebenarnya) because we were really put on high hopes to have the first child as x_ gender :)

~ My gynae said the baby is small (at 35weeks – baby is not even reached 2.5kg) & most probably the baby will come out less than 3kg. I am so relief. Tak kisah laa. Biar besar di luar, jangan besar di dalam. Thehehe.

~ I went thru the 9 months without any complications or bleeding or bad sickness or such - everything went smoothly. I considered myself as lucky & thanked for it. I just hope it goes well until the end of the journey.

~ Im still fit to cook everyday, menggosok sambil duduk, mengemop seluruh rumah malah menggunakan toilet cangkung … cuma nak potong kuku kaki jek gagal. haih.

~ All the checklist during pregnancy has been fulfilled:
i. baby’s stuff – checked
ii. confinement stuff – checked
iii. khatam Quran – checked

iv. air selusuh - checked
v. hospital bag – checked
vi. A&W root beer float – unchecked … yet (!!!)

~ Im thinking on some ideas to get the baby out exactly on June, 17. Anyone, please?

Most of all, saya adalah terbayang kehidupan yang indah selepas bersalin. 3 perkara yang benar-benar ingin dilakukan selepas bersalin:
- jog
- swim
- jump into hubby’s new bicycle (saya sangat terliur untuk test-bike basikalnya, tapi dia tak ijinkan buat masa sekarang)

but with the few days left, I should enjoy the final moment as a pregnant woman :)

… seperti, menjoin aktiviti bowling & menjadi best female bowler in company’s bowling tournament held on last 3 weeks

which one is bigger?

Friday, May 15, 2009

a junior tri in the making

Hafdzuan is currently sooo busy with his tri training.
from morning (jog) to after work (bike/swim) & to before the midnight (swim).
(he finally updated his blog for his tri journey - new add )
so does the lil one inside the womb. kicking & moving like nobody's bussiness. maybe doing his tri too. aiyak. senak perut sangat. sometimes his feet can be seen & touched from my thin layer-fat-stomach (ouchhh, thin laa sangat...).

owh yes, went to Midvalley last weekend since Hafdzuan was looking for his tri stuffs. & i found this for the lil baby at our must-go-store, Why pay more?

spot the price? and its SPEEDO ok? cool. & its nothing to lose.

the junior tri is in the making ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another run

Enjoying the sunny-Sunday by accompanying (cum tukang bawak air, tukang pegang towel & tukang ambik gambar) Hafdzuan for his run. this time will be "Larian bersama Bomba" for Bomba day held in Dataran Merdeka.

1 - kalut nak pasang nombor
2 - ramai gileee orang

3 - the winner for men's open category, haih mmg negro jek laa yg menang pon ...
4 - the winner for women's open category. malaysian runner. mana aci ...

gaya seorang juara ... ehh finisher ajeee

6 - this time xdpt medal ... (medal sampai no 75 jek ... & i guess Hafdzuan was at no 200+ out of 1000+). but the timing was improved :)
7 - bergambar bersama abang mascot bomba

8 - me with the banner without sweat
9 - Hafdzuan + banner + sweat like hell

10 & 11 - have some eyes on Bomba's exhibitons. its cool.

not to forget - the potrait of us
the next run will be on July - UKM duathlon (run + bike + run).
not going to join him as im going to be in confinement mode :(

Monday, May 11, 2009


orang yang pecah masuk rumah aku
hari khamis petang minggu lepas

yang buat rumah aku tunggang-langgang
dan merembat

home theater set
sub woofer
dvd player

kalau boleh mencarut ni dah berbakul-bakul aku mencarut.

tengah saba laa ni...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

between the wedding & the womb

a short entry to update on my friend's wedding that i managed to attend in Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu on last Satuday, & the latest figure of me at the month of 8.

N (Najhan Awanis) cik puan pengantin with his hubby. the others are my colleague during uni-time.

to mention here - i think i still looks smaller than Hafdzuan. that will be cool cum cute enough for me ;)

anyways, i still have another 4 weddings to attend until my delivery date. sempat ke..?

the girls with yours truly at 8 months preggy. still fit in baju kurung okeh

gambar curi ketika photo shoot dlm bilik. testing 1 2 3

no more any long journey after this. backache & pee-at-every-hours is killing me for long journey at this point.
but sunday will accompany Hafdzuan for his Larian Bomba 10km at Dataran. anyone joining..?