Wednesday, October 17, 2012

mr CEO on the race

nak update dah lama tp tak sempat-sempat.

sooooo, i met him during Desaru Triathlon.
mula-mula tu tengok kat board - list of participants .. terperanjat jap nampak nama mr ceo ni. i know all the while he invloved in marathons, but never knew he has started triathlon .. skali pusing belakang (looking for hafdzuan actually, nak cite kat dia, eh mamat ni pon masuk!) tengok mr ceo ni baru amik race kit gile kottt, hubs going to compete with mr ceo! 

sebab malu nak amik gamba dia during care kit collection tu (sebenarnya tak nak nampak jakun sgt) so buat bodoh jek la. until the race day. while waiting for hubs to arrive, i bumped into him so terussssss snap.

here some photos of mr. ceo from my catch.

going for 2nd lap during swim. see hafdzuan in his blue attire behind the mr. ceo (red attire).

back from swim, to bicycle transition.

start run.

arrived finish line.

do u recognized him?
its azran osman rani. the CEO of air asia x.

anyways, hafdzuan was on his race together with him, i mean, back from swim to bike to start run. tapiiiiiiiiii, power gile kot dia run, 20mins depan hafdzuan (ke hafdzuan yg cicir, hihi).

pelik betol haku, bila masaaaa lah dia training??!!
anyways, sape lagi CEO kat malaysia ni yg buat endurance sport mcm dia (eyh ada sorang lg actually, MAS previous CEO, tu jek laa kot).
this is an example of organized people. hats off!

harap-harap hubs will be like him too bila dah jadik ceo nnt (eyh?).

Monday, October 15, 2012

i run kl in the evening yo.

chronology of my n*ke we run kl, held last sat 13/10/12.

- this is supposed to be my 2nd running event for this year .. tp sebab aritu missed SCKLM so this one was the first one lah.
- hubs trying to register the nike run for both of us, but only my registration able to get thru after all the batlle during online registration .. so makanya? i larilah sorang-sorang. hewhewhew.
- luckily hubs didnt registered himself. he was tighted up with his schedule for being LO for IGEM event held in KL. so he was "outstation to KL" since wed (stays in hotel in KL). he supposed to finish his duty on sat evening. so i have to manage myselflah.
- on the day itself, i have to go by myself since hubs was not around to send me off. arrived komuter bangi 2.30pm. missed 1st train. 2nd train sampai, i dah masuk & duduk, but then were asked to go out (due to technical problems) & wait for another train. 3rd train arrived, dah masuk & duduk, were asked to go out again (wtf!!). masa tu dah pkl 3.15pm, cuak gile dah takut tak sempat. mencaru-carut haku dalam hati, mengomel-ngomel sms kat hafdzuan (haha). finally next train came in at 3.30pm & moved to kl sentral slowly (ntahpape byk gile stop. bencikkk). arrived kl sentral 4.40pm. rush to surau for Asar prayer & jump into lrt to klcc. arrived klcc 5.10pm. straight to start line.
- orang ramai mashaAllah. cuaca baik, alhamdulillah. hujan sket2 ala-ala shower gitu.
- bila turn i dah kat depan bole plak diorang suruh stop jap, bg gap utk 1st crowd dulu. so i was flagged off at 5.50pm.
- ramai gile org lari senggang, yang kapel sambil pegang tgn (wtf). korang nak g tgk wayang ke nak masuk running event ni woi?
- i ran most of the time. tp naik bukit mmg power walk jek lah haha. interval pakai tiang pon ada ;)
- hubs waited for me at the end of akleh hiway (km8). he ran with me sambil snap gamba i (haha) towards the end sambil bakar semangat & bakar line --- to finish within 2hrs kalau x xdpt finisher tee kekdahnye hihi.
- i finished at 1h38m. good start for me as beginner. harap-harap lps ni bole improve :)
- ramai org komplen psl baggage truck, mud at finishing line (what do u expect, it was raining from morning & beyond nike control). but i believed organizer had tried very hard. 15k runners wohh .. nike should improve next time if want to organize such massive runners.
- hubs parked at bukit aman so we walk together another 3,4km. so i was running (& walking) for almost 14km that evening.
- been inspired. been addicted. can't wait to join next running event!

p/s i am a no fan of long distance running since forever. i was a sprinter, 100m, 200m was my all time fav (i was olahragawati skolah dulu yoo). so im trying very hard to love this long distance run. still hate it, but working on it now! :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

10m exclusive bf

fina turns 10m on last week.
alhamdulillah, she was on exclusive bm until she reached 10m ... 
sudah start campur fm last week sebab supply dah xcukup ...makanya mission incompleted :(
(target nak 1y exclusive nampaknya tidak tercapai huhu). sedih :( :( :(

for record:
fina 1st 6months demand = 30oz per day (3oz x 10bottles) --- macam mana laa smua EBM stok x habis licin .. byk gile kot dia minum?
fina after start solids = 18oz per day (3oz x 6 bottles).
current performance my milk supply = 14oz .. so kenelah top up fm 1x or 2x / day .. tp ada hari xyah topup pon ok plak dia. depends.
harap-harap 1 box anmum 650g bertahan 2bulan (fm mahalll wooo .. bencikkkk).

fina at 10months:
- love pool very much. melompat-lompat sampai asyik tertelan air!
- can walk at 9.5m.
- have 4 teeths.
- kuat gila makan kottt. pantang tengok orang makan or mengunyah pasti datang menggesel mintak sikit seperti anak kucing! =)
- sukeeeeeee sangat mengutip. pastu masuk mulut test dulu bole makan ke x. kalau xbole makan spill it uot!
- can wave her hands when we said bye-bye.
- climbing the stairs after she learn to walk (unlike abang who climbed stairs at 7m & walk by 8.5m).
- sukeeee sangat kacau abang dia. sama 'naik' dgn abang.
- kuat melompat & shaking her bon-bon, haha.