Tuesday, July 26, 2011

just to keep the blog alive

i have to blog bout this because hubs is too lazy to update his own blog. haha.

this is hafdzuan 3rd attempt on Olympic distance Triathlon and second time on his Port Dickson Triathlon (he took part on last year too).

all are still the same - the people (haha!), the venue, time, racing circuit, etc. thus im quite familiar with the place.

Olympic Distance: swim 1.5km, bike 40km, run 10km.

this time i have to run & chased for hafdzuan to snap his photo sambil dukung hadzim (and carrying a 5 months baby in tummy too~), hadzim adalah, erm, agak mencabar sekarang so i can't heret him nor expect him to run after me.

lepak di tepi, percubaan mengambil gambar hafdzuan dan berjaya (did u notice him? he's in the middle) 

bath hadzim while waiting for hafdzuan to end his bike course. ok hadzim dah wangi dah. main kat kolam ikan jap.

 hope to dress up like this aunty one day ahahahha (aunty runs for her relay team). cool~

hafdzuan grab hadzim and carry hadzim thru the finish line. heard the emcee said "here come our loving fatherrr" (that is so sweet. hafdzuan has been dreaming to run with his kid(s) at the finish line and he did it for the first time). 

 he did his personal best on olympic distance. congrats (2:49:21)

PD tri 2011 family potrait.

phewwww. hafdzuan going to take a a long rest since Ramadhan is approching. no more running before off to work.

Monday, July 18, 2011

road to emirates (emirates laa sgt :P)

i followed arsenal team since i was in uni .. sebab masa tu byk hang around dgn kawan2 lelaki yg kebanyakkannya arsenal supporter (rambo especially, kan rambo kan?? haha). masa tu dok gilekan henry (but now henry is no more with arsenal huhu). then only i met hafdzuan (on my final year), lucky me because he also an arsenal supporter! =) 

so when we heard arsenal is coming down to play here in KL, haruslah pergi!!
i bought the ticket and it was anniversary gift for hubs :)

so we make our moved to emirates (ahakssss) on that 13july (sanggup amik cuti the whole day kahkahkah). tapi siang tu bawak hadzim jalan-jalan dulu & have our anniversary lunch.

 road to the emirates. pinjam motor cousin sbb takmo berhimpit carik parking. ok dah lama gile tak naik moto dgn hafdzuan. last thn 2006 kot hahaha.

 amik gamba sket. and yeah that's me at 5months preggy.

 arsenal moment

 solat magrib dulu ye. seronok seronok gak.

 in arsene we trust.

 haaa tu diaaaa.

 line up.

 first eleven.

 first half result.

 half time. amik gamba sket. it was my first time in bukit jalil stadium haha ;) (sblm ni g tgk sukan komanwel tp tgk smua game hockey jek main kat stadium sebelah).

2nd half.

 one of arsenal supporter yg berjoget sakan, i think he tries to be appeared in tv tp gagal nampaknya :P

 happy faces dapat tengok star idaman hati secara live.

 ok bye bye. we really hope to see you at the real emirates one day (insyaAllah).

ok dah dah balik laa. esok keje keje ...

Monday, July 11, 2011

3 .. and still counting.

... years

... members


soon to be

... years

... members


Thursday, July 07, 2011

hadzim's birthday

last year, we decided not to have a birthday party for hadzim.
we think he is too small to understand what is birthday party all about, he even dont know how to blow the candle nor to sing the birthday song. so we just celebrate between the family members.

but this year, we decided to have one. eventhough it was not as grand with clowns or face painting artist, we gathered our close friends and family members to join us and celebrate hadzim's 2nd birthday.
i dont think we will organize the birthday party every year. maybe only when he reach 2, 7 and perhaps 17 .. i dont know .. we'll see later.

before the makan-makan started, my father in law conduct a short tahlil & doa selamat for my brother's father in law who passed away 2 days before (alfatihah to arwah).

these are a few photos during the party. argghhh, i forgot to take the guests photos. hafdzuan and i were too busy entertained the guest and forgot bout the camera. photo credit to my brother, ashra & lilia (thank you!).

im too lazy to put captions on all the photos. but photos with hadzim and his friends wearing the party hat is the most comelllllllls :)

thanks to my mum who cooked all the dishes. she is a super chef (she cooked soto, briyani bihun, bamia & bread, curry puff, egg tart, jelly for desert). i only make the fruit salad huahuahuahua :P
and i should thanked my aunty who sponsor the cars cake.
and thank you to every body who willing to come over to our place and spent their time for the party.