Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a warm wishes

a happy birthday wish to Abah - who celebrated his 52nd birthday today.

abah & his 2nd grand-daughter, Damia

and congratulations wish to Zaidi & Aimi for their 1st born baby-boy, today (adehhh bleh plak sama birthday dgn bapak aku, terpaksa laa aku sentiasa ingat befday anak kau :P)

i went to see Aimi & the baby at the hospital but could not snap any photo, forget to bring along my camera. the baby was named - Ahmad Zaim bin Zaidi (a speculation here - its a combination of ZAIdi & AIMi ke..? thehehehe. so cute :)). Aimi went thru a c-sect due to some problems & baby's weight is 3.55kg. congratulations. aku harap anak kau nanti pun 6 footer mcm zaidi, barulah bleh main utk Valliers :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Final trimester makes the toilet be my best friend

hari ni aku boring nak buat keje.

Some recent updates about my 2nd trimester pregnancy & hopes towards the end of the 3rd trimester.

1. 3rd trimester situation:-

Me: Boss, I think I need to transfer my desk to the toiletlah. Since my statistic graph showed me I went to toilet about 12x/day during office hour.

2. 2nd trimester was the best trimester ever! Life went smoothly, only SOME physical changes were obviously. (some konon...)

3. I am currently in 30weeks, its equal to 7 months & 2 weeks. My weight is up to 70kg right now – sungguh ngeri bila tengok weighing machine, xpernah seumur hidup gue cecah 70kg. gue dah naik 10kg ok. Hope tercapailah impian gue to not exceed 75kg. pls baby don’t get too big. Susah mak nak jadik slim mcm bapak engkau nnt lepas bersalin. atau bapak, sila jadi sedikit gemuk boleh x..? supportlah sikit bro ;)

4. I have to stop swimming. Hurm, maybe starting from next week. or just being hippopotamus berendam di kolam sahaja while watching husband practicing,

5. I hope I still have enough strength to do all the housework – from cleaning to ironing to washing to cooking until the end of pregnancy. strength - pls come here. i really need u buddy. i dont want to get weak. sape nak buat semua keje rumah nnt..?

6. I failed to drink anmum’s milk or what so over pregnancy milk. But I do have a backup plan, switched to UHT milk, its much better. Susu ibu mengandung memang tak sedap, tak kire perisa coklat mahupon manggis. can you people be a bit creative by turning the pregnancy milk into a chocolate or keropok or sweets instead of liquid called milk? huh

7. i have at least 6 weeks to go to fulfill my wishlist – khatam quran again during pregnancy. insyaAllah I can make it. Still on my way. bravo.

8. Hospital Putrajaya - wad bersalin was on fire last week. Lemau betul. Mana aku nak beranak nih? Hope to hear some good news from the doctor when im picking up my booking delivery letter by end of the month. please. gue xmo bersalin di hospital kajang - burouks ;)

9. my BIG boss has arranged a lot of assignments for me until the final week of my delivery. Geramnyeeee. Mintak-mintak aku bersalin awal, padan muke u bosh … thehehe.

10. I really hope the baby will pop-out early so that I will have a birth mate, since I never had a birth mate in my life ... yet. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hubby's new baby

im the one who's pregnant, but hubby get himself a baby before mine.

hubby with his new-born baby

the price? uhhh, almost a month pay.

running - done.

swimming - done.

bicycling - going to be done.

next - ? :)