Thursday, July 31, 2008

its the honeymoon :)

newly wed --> honeymoon --> spend quality time --> together
1st honeymoon - KK, Sabah - 4D3N

proven - newly wed

day 1 - Fly to KK & KK city tour

fly to KK on 23/07 at 6.50am flight. arrived KK terminal 2 airport around 9.40am. sampai sana travel agent dah tunggu for city tour. dia bagi segala info psl kk city.

KK City tour - went to Sabah foundation building, Sabah state mosque & Poh Toh Tze temple.

then drive up to Signal Hill - affords a panoramic view of the landscape and offshore islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park & the town view itself.

back to hotel for check in. lepas tu pegi jln-jln di Pasar Ikan Masin & Pasar Philipine. beli ikan masin terubok, udang kering, ikan masin keropok, pearl brooch & some souveniors.

view di belakang pasar Philipine.

menghilangkan rasa dahaga di gerai air kelapa muda kat pasar. rm2.50 sebijik. yummy.

berjalan-jalan di pasar mlm (di belakang pasar Philipine). siap jual mcm2 siput laut (mermaid pon ada, sila click pada photo), ikan-sotong-udang-ketam-lobster bakar kaw-kaw. yummy.

beli bungkus je & makan kat bilik hotel. our dinner - sebungkus nasik goreng yg byk gile sampai boleh share 2org, ikan bakar (ikan susu) & 6 pcs of chicken wings.

day 2 - Nature Excursion

had our breakfast in hotel. wear a walking shoes. the guide took us to Kinabalu National Park.

kaki gunung - tempat register utk naik ke gunung kinabalu. xnaik pon, cuma jln2 di kaki gunung.

ni pic masa aku naik gunung kinabalu back in June 2005. at least i've made it, once. have u..? ;)

botanical garden di Kinabalu Park.. bermacam-maca jenis orkid, pokok, tumbuhan dll terdapat di sini .. sangat sejuk ..

some orchids - orkid mickey mouse, laughing orchid, orchid lady shoes (harga dia 4k - the most expensive orchid) & periuk kera. semuanya yg rare.

next - Canopy Walkway & Poring Hot Spring. there were 5 canopy walks, 200 feet above ground and a dip in the outdoor mineral bathtubs.

Poring Hot Spring

had our lunch (provided by the travel agent) at a restaurant around Kinabalu Park.

Nabalu native market. shopping again.

ucapan dari wakil KKS

day 3 - Snorkeling, Islands, Corals & Fishes

sunrise from the hotel room, with view of Mount Kinabalu. breakfast at hotel.

walking thru the town heading to the jetty. took about 45minutes.

the jetty - Jesselton Port. island hopping package: 1pulau - rm17, 2pulau - rm27, 3pulau - rm37, 4pulau - rm47. tiket jeti - rm6. island entrance- rm3 (kire skali jek, bukan every island).

we took the 3 island hopping package. the 1st pulau - pulau manukan. sgt byk ikan2 yg cantik2.

2nd island - pulau mamutik. air agak keruh kat sini.. kurang syok. pulau pon kecik jek.

next - pulau sapi. cantik. byk coral & ikan.

waiting for the boat to pick us.

view of the jetty. sunset.

dah kemarok makan kat pasar mlm kk .. hari ni nak makan kat gerai kat sana pulak (smlm tapaw jek). pilih ikan & udang sendiri, pastu siap re-heatkan lg. kicap & sambal buat sendiri. sgt cool. nak pedas? masam? masin? make ur own flavour. gile best. dan sangat murah.

jln-jln & had our coffee at Warisan Square.

day 4 - shopping complex tour, movie & going back

pack our stuff. checked out at 12pm. leave the bag at the hotel lobby & heading to Centerpoint.
lunch. window shopping. nak buat apa lg? movie laaa. we watched the "why so serius?" movie.
owhh wayang sana teruk sikit. kerusi goyang-goyang. xde iklan, masuk2 wayang terus stat movie. haha.

makan bakso di pasar mlm lg. we are crazy for their pasar mlm. back to hotel & waiting for the driver to pick us & send us to the airport. flight at 9.15pm.

reached home at 1am.

RM 520.00 x 02 Adults = RM 1040.00 (twin Sharing for 3D 2N)
RM 98.00 x 02 Adults = RM 196.00 (extension 1 night)
Total = RM 1,236.00
RM 15.00 x 02 Adults = RM 30.00 (Tipping)

Total to pay = RM 1,266.00

Flight ticket = RM 425 (2persons/2 ways)
Food+souveniors = RM 400

Total expenses ~ around RM2k
Total fun+love+enjoyment ~ infinity