Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my crazy sunday

sunday, 29th May 2011
6am - depart from my in laws place in Pedas to Pantai Puteri, Melaka.
7am - safely arrived Pantai Puteri.
8am - hafdzuan started his triathlon event, an olympic distance (1.5km swim - 40km bike - 10km run).
11.20am - tri done. pack his bicycle.
11.45am - heading back to Pedas to have lunch & fetch hadzim.
12.45pm - safely arrived Pedas.
1.30pm - heading back to Bukit Mahkota. both hafdzuan & hadzim pengsan di dalam kereta.
2.10pm - safely arrived Bukit Mahkota & started packing (minor stuff).
3.15pm - leaving for airport.
5.30pm - hafdzuan fly for manila for 5 days. breath in, breath out. pheewwwww.
6.30pm - me having dinner at fatty crab with family at bes raya hiway. the fatty crab restaurant was facing the mines lake. awsome.

ini namanya keje gile.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

quitting breastfeeding

yes, my breastfeeding journey has come to an end.
relieved? i should say yes (in slow volume).

hadzim is going to turn 23 months next week.
ok, lagi sebulan je lagi nak masuk 2 tahun .. tempoh yang digalakkan untuk breastfeed.
but i decided to quit my breastfeeding journey right now, right here. im done here. i have no regret at all.

some people says breastfeeding during pregnancy will lead to misscarriage. yelah mana nak bagi zat untuk anak lg, untuk diri sendiri lagi, untuk baby yang dikandung lg - 3 in 1.
at first, i wanted to keep on breastfeed until hadzim reach 2 years.
tapi macam tak boleh laa .. balik rumah jek hadzim nak breastfeed. and suddenly lepas bf dia, mesti terasa lepak gilerrr. penat dia lain macam. dan kadang-kadang terasa tensyen sebab hadzim sengaja nak bergayut.
and hadzim himself, tak de unsur-unsur nak weaning pon, walaupon org kata the baby will refused himself after the mom get pregnant .. tapi tak de pongggg :(

so after discussion with hafdzuan (quitting breastfeeding have to get husband's permission ok ..?) i tried to wean hadzim since last week.
with few suggestions from friends in facebook, as first try, i put on salt on the nipple.
the first 2 trial, hadzim refused to breastfeed (tapi mak dia plak emo .. sedih sebab tak ready lg .. mental!! tapi akhirnya semangat kene jadi kuat. sampai bile? sampai dah ada adik baru ank stop ..?).
kesian hadzim yang buat muka pelik makan garam dan terus cakap "nanak!!"

2 days after that, dia dah bijak sikit.
he stared at the nipple and removed the salt himself! warghhhhh sangat tensyen. lepas abis removed garam dia sucks balik. aduhai anakku.

then i try letak serbuk kopi plak (on last saturday and sunday).
it works.
until today, it has been 4 days hadzim refused to bf. i did asked him, "hadzim nak ----- tak?" he quickly replied "nanak". tp ada ada kekadang dia tonyoh2 muke .. mcm gian plak .. ;)

its actually quite frustating for me, as i was the one who quit & give up, not hadzim.
i wish hadzim is the one who refused himself naturally, but since it doesn't work at all, i have to do this and its just too sad :(

anyhow, 23 months is a wonderful and unforgettable journey for me.
i should take some rest before i started on the second one .. soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

babytv on ch618

i used to buy babytv dvd for hadzim. i have quite number of babytv collections.
hadzim currently addicted to watch dvd. so normally i let him be on his space, his own tv for his favourite dvd. his current favourite (besides babytv) is how to train your dragon. sikit-sikit "tukar .. nak gen (dragon)", or "nak berrr (oliver - babytv series)".

last 2 months when i went back to singapore, i found they have this babytv channel.
it was soo cool to have it on tv. i wonder why astro did not have them.

and last sunday, i saw the advertisement saying astro will play babytv on channel 618.
it started yesterday, 9 may 2011.
owhh yes.. hadzim loves it. gembira tak terkata.
and now i can lipat baju or cooking without any interruptions.
thank you astro.
erm, btw, starting from oct, we need to pay (forgot either rm5 or rm10) to subscribe for the channel.
ok la tu, beli 1 dvd pon dah cost more than rm10 :)

so parents, lets switch to 618 now. enjoy while its free.