Friday, January 16, 2009

still counting

Happy 4th anniversary babe.

with the workloads & been outstatation to sandakan rite now, im pretty sure you will not remember the day. hurm, it doesnt matter.

just to flash back, how we met 4 years back:

henry & arsenal - 4 years back

henry & barca - now

eventho i lost my henry in arsenal, but i do have my own immortal-henry inside here *pointing to the heart*

lets go for swimming tomorrow to celebrate.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gunners or Power Puff?

I am now entering the 2nd trimester. Alhamdulillah, everything went well so far.

Long story short, these are what I could summarized for my 1st trimester experienced:
1. Wee-wee --- pee is a must - at every hour. mlm2 tido boleh sampai 7x ke toilet. haih.
2. Vormitting --- seldom happened, maybe less than 10x. the final one was at roadside near PICC, when we were on our way to have our swimming.
kenapa suddenly muntah? tu kene tanya Hafdzuan, sbb dia je tau kenapa (grrr)
3. Weight gaining --- only managed to put on 1kg for this 1st trimester. uh. im not sure to be happy or not.
4. Weird appetite / mengidam -- im craving not for food, but for swimming!
5. Weird attitude --- no at all, or maybe a bit sensitive ;)

These are only I could think for rite now. nothing much.

so, what is for 2nd trimester?

1. Wee-wee --- not as bad as the 1st trimester, now at normal range.
2. Swimming --- still can be proceed, eventho i feel like people around saying "isk perut buncit, patut laa g swimming" but who cares, ini bukan lemak ok?
3. Feeling the baby's movement --- not yet, but its going to be very soon.
4. Gunners or Power puff --- the favourite moment during 2nd trimester. i can now scan for baby's gender. Gunners baby or Power Puff girls? hurmmm. hope i can have the answer by next week. i just soooo can't wait.

Monday, January 12, 2009


What were you doing 5 years ago?
5 years back - Jan 2004.
i was attending my 6 months industrial training at Telekom R&D, Serdang. sungguh boring skali, xde kawan-kawan utk hang out (except on weekends), balik keje duduk rumah je. ada membe bgtau, Hafdzuan staying with his family in Serdang, selalu lepak dgn kawan-kawan dia kat kedai mamak bawah flat yg aku sewa tu. but who cares? he was just a stranger for me. but rite now, he is my husband! haha :)

What were the 5 things on your list to do today?
1. to complete 2 task & submit to manager
2. to call the developer - nak pressure mana surat & bile nak dpt kunci rumah ni?!!
3. minum susu yg xbest tu
4. cooking after work
5. LOST @ 9.30pm!!! (walaupon dah tengok, tp nak tengok lg)

What are the 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. mangga muda dgn kicap cili
2. jambu dgn kuah rojak
3. any keropok, esp keropok lekor yg nipis-nipis tu
4. cheese cake
5. jacob's crackers

What are 5 things that you will do if you were a billionaire?
1. travel!!!
2. amik scuba license
3. buy a house complete with 50metres swimming pool
4. settle all the debts
5. go for haji

What 5 jobs you’ve had?
1. keje kat Pizza Hut, Duty free, JB (while waiting for the SPM result)
2. Telekom R&D, Serdang (went thru my industrial training)
3. Spore manufacturing company in JB
4. NZ manufacturing company in Nilai
5. Hafdzuan's full time wife

Who are the 5 person you want to tag?
1. kamu
2. you
3. dia
4. kau
5. engkau

Friday, January 02, 2009

treasuring the 2008

what did i went thru in 2008?

~ enjoying my final bonus

~ leaving my place & my previous company in JhB

~ started working in Nilai & moved to Serdang

~ first time marking votes on election day
~ been to Matta Fair & booked for our honeymoon trip

~ my 2nd niece was born, Damia Hayfa

~ transferring the life from single to double on July 11

~ had our honeymoon in KK, Sabah

~ moved to own place
~ Hafdzuan received the PTD offer & started his course
~ life started changing--> be a wife & manage the house by my own hands

~ Hafdzuan posted to Putrajaya. Thank God. Dekat dgn rumah

~ first time went thru the fasting month with Hb. Tak boleh selamba sambung tido lg walaupon x puasa, tp tetap kene bangun utk masak sahur

~ first time raya with a husband & in-laws
~ first time jugak raya pertama x dgn family :(

~ pregnancy test showed it positive

~ CF almost complete. Preparing to move to the micasa.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

the first post in 2009

meeting up the girls on the new year's night as per plan.
eila & tikah did not turn up. eila - her father in law just passed away on sunday & tikah was in Kelantan.

spot any difference ..?

us back in 2005. single (but not available) + a final year student

us in 2009. a wife. a mum to be (me & petom)

the newly wed --> pae & wan

the newly-honeymooner (just arrived from Bali) --> rin & sapok

the preggy woman --> petom & his hb, hanif

had the most sucking-new-year-fireworks in Mines (alahai, xde bajet ke thn ni..? dulu-dulu ok jek..). chit-chat & catch up stories until 2am. how i wish if its a pillow talk for all of us ;) special thanks for all the hubbies yang terpaksa tunggu sampai kene halau dgn macha kedai mamak tu.

ini adalah gamba perut (me @15wks, petom @13wks)