Friday, October 30, 2009

when the mom is not around ...

... daddy brought the baby to accompany him to watch the footbal game.

hadzim really have his eyes on the game!

patut laa arsenal menang malam kelmarin .. ada new supporter nampaknya.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

run and swim

last sunday, woke up at 5.30am. prepare some breakfast for hafdzuan.
another run to take part.
change hadzim's diaper. did not bath him as it was too early and he was still sleeping. leave the house at 6.30am.

the event -Mizuno wave run. at UPM. 11km.

arrived at 6.50am. jauh gileeeee parking. dekat 2kilo menapak ke stadium UPM tu. thank god hafdzuan had his warm up by carrying hadzim all the way :)

hadzim just woke up. where the hell are we in this early morning..?

need to stretching up. owh, need to go to the toilet too before the run starts :P

the run starts at 8am. it was about 4200 contestant. ramai gile. dah mcm semut. couldnt find hafdzuan in the crowd to snap some photos. lepak di grand stand sahaja & enjoy the music played by the dj.

and hadzim, why on earth at this time kene berak ... sampai 2x plak tu within 1 hour?!?! hahaha. xpe, practice, practice.. selamba jek i bersihkan kat grand stand tu guna baby wipe yg byk (ye anak mak skali berak sampai 2kilo, bukan sikit-sikit). yg 2nd time tu dah xbleh blah dah, have to wait for hafdzuan.. ni pon 2kilo jugak, kene cuci bawah paip dah ni. haih ;)

when hafdzuan arrived, i tengah terhegeh-hegeh baru nak snap photo ... dengan carry hadzim lagi. nak snap photo lg ... sorry for the bad photo. hafdzuan the one with the cap.

quenching the thirst.
he was at no 112 (over 4200. not that bad eh?)

even terbaik utk tahun ni. byk gile sponsor... 2 thumbs up for the organizer! i hope i can join it next year..!

ok now its your turn to carry him .. bahu mak dah nak tercabut dah ni .. :P

a must! :)
tengok kat blakang ramai giler lagi runner baru sampai ...

the medal to add into the collections

aktiviti petang - swim!!!
just bought a floaties for hadzim. so lepas ni every weekend bole pegi swimming mcm dulu-dulu :)

hafdzuan cuba menjadi coach. hadzim tidak mendengar arahan dari coach.

trying to loveeee the water

tangan dah kecut tp macam tak nak naik

it was a fun day. and tiring of course;)
going to bring him for swimming on every weekend since hafdzuan also need to train.

the next event to attend - Powerman duathlon at sri manjung, Perak on 8nov.

Monday, October 19, 2009

melentur buluh

yesterday we went to swimming pool at putrajaya, the place that we used to have our swimming session. mcm biasa laa, weekend - mesti ramai org. i did not swim yesterday since i need to look for hadzim. gian jugak tengok pool. rasanya dah dekat 5bulan tak swim ... :(

so yesterday was marked as hadzim first day in the swimming pool. we were trying to get him loves the water & get used with it. senang nak ajar berenang nanti. ayah dia dah tak saba-saba dah nak hantar hadzim ke triathlon kidz. hehe.

hadzim nampak mcm suke dgn air walaupon mata dia asyik meliar sana sini usya budak-budak lain yang buat mcm-mcm stunt kat kolam cetek tu. saba ye hadzim. dah dapat kaki nanti pegi laa buat stunt jugak.

hadzim and his swimming pants which i bought rm5 (its speedo) before he came out

we let him play with the water for about 20min, before i re-bath him and have a sit to wait for his ayah who have to perform his swimming training.

then i saw a lady with her husband, who carrying a 1year+ baby. the baby looks like a girl -with a long curly hair & wearing a necklace. but i was confused, if its a girl - why dont the parents put a shirt on her, malu laaa xpakai baju. kesian baby tu (dalam hati).

after a while, she came to my place to take her things & say hi to me.
and the coversation begins.

the lady: "baby boy yerk?"
me: "aaah boy .. ni girl eh?"
the lady: "ehh ni boy jugak .. tp orang ingat dia girl sbb rambut dia kerinting & panjang ..."
me: "owh, ingatkan girl ............." but the conversation continues silently "aku ingat anak kau girl bukan sebab rambut dia panjang, tapi sebab dia pakai rantai laaa..!"

and i remembered i saw a friend's photo with his 3months baby boy who wore a bracelet. wOw.

people do have their own style to "implement" to their children. and the children becomes the material experiment for their parents.
but i guess, how the children behave is how they are treated to.
sebab tu org kata, melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya".

Friday, October 16, 2009

Raising Hadzim on his first 3 months

10 notes the way i raised my hadzim.

~ milk: i berjaya menyusukan hadzim from his very first day & he sucks very well. macam keluar-keluar jek dari perut terus pandai. belajar masa dalam perut lagi kah? heheee. he is now a non-exclusive BM product. but i can proudly said that he is 9/10 BM. at the moment, waktu siang (sahaja) dia minum 20 oz (pengsan!). since i always failed to produce 20 oz/day (normally about 15-18 oz), so balancenya terpaksa di top up dgn FM. malam direct BM.

~ sleeping position: hadzim tido meniarap. dari dulu sampai sekarang. and he did not sleep in buai. buai is a NO for him.

~ sleeping time: hadzim pernah sekali je buat perangai di waktu malam, masa dia dalam pantang. tupn sebab perut kembung, menangis until 2am. tu jek laa. lepas tu sampai sekarang tak pernah lagi suruh ayah ibu dia oti malam-malam :)

~ poo-poo & diapers: hadzim never fail to poo-poo every single day from the first day he was born. during his 1st month - 4~8times/day. 2nd month - 3~6tomes/day. and currently at 3 months - at least 2times/day. since hadzim berak banyak kali dalam sehari, so we decided to use the cheapest diapers for him at home. i think i have tried all the cheapest brand (including tesco!) and it works well on hadzim. alhamdulillah, diapers rashes pun tak de eventho pakai pampers murah. jimat duit mak. pampers mahal standby utk weekend & jalan-jalan sahaja.

~ rashes: hadzim has never get any rashes so far. alhamdulillah. name it - diaper rashes, ketiak rashes, kelengkang rashes, necking rashes, etc. mmg takde. sampai ada org tanya "cantiknye kulit dia, xde rashes pun, makan apa masa mengandung dulu?" if only i have the answer.. but i could not think what have i ate! byk sgt ... ;)

~ mittens: hadzim did not use mittens once he reached 40 days. i read somewhere "dont get your baby wear mittens after 2 months, because the baby learn from their touch", and i strongly believed in that. kene rajin potong kuku hadzim kalau tak nak dia ter-scratch muke dia. wearing mittens is not the solutions.

~ warm water: hadzim bath with warm water during his first 2 months only. lepas tu belasah jek air sejuk. and i think he likes the water very much. tak pernah nangis kalau mandi. mungkin sbb ibu dia swimming while carrying hadzim until he's 8 months?

~ aircond: yup, the parents adalah sgt kedekut nak bayar bil bulan-bulan yg konfem mahal so terpaksalah hadzim tido with no air-cond. peluh sikit laa kadang-kadang, tapi baby mana tak tido berpeluh kan?

~ pacifier: another NO for hadzim. i dont see the purpose of using pacifier.

~ football: hadzim suke tengok bola!!! ni ayah dia yg ajar ... and now his ayah is training him to cheer on arsenal, not for chelsea never for liverpool. hehe.

i guess hadzim is one easy baby to handle. eventhough he did not came out naturally from the womb, but im glad he got the natural behaviour for a baby.

love him? definitely, and its eternity.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

bold tapi masih lagi hemsem

as promised (hafdzuan & i made the promised - hadzim akan dibotakkan hanya selepas bergaya di hari raya version rambut lebatnya), hadzim dibotakkan pada hari raya ke-8.

"Islam menggalakkan amalan mencukur rambut bayi sehingga botak supaya segala kekotoran yang keluar daripada rahim dapat dibuang dan membolehkan rambut baru tumbuh dengan sihat."


final photo before off to the barber.
tak berani buat sendiri sbb rambut Hadzim banyak.


ayah was holding hadzim all the time.
hadzim was on silent mode, maybe wondering what was happening.
good boy hadzim!

ayah sambung cukur-sehingga-licin kat rumah.
tiada kecederaan berlaku. good job ayah!