Sunday, November 21, 2010

my brothers are damn cool

3 victories to celebrate for this month:
1 - my youngest brother has completed his chambering & done with his convocation thingy.
2 - my 2nd brother has started fly with air asia. and that means my mom only needs to pay 10% air ticket to wherever in the air-asia list.
3 - my eldest brother has completed his study in dental surgeon. the flying colors result came off on his 30th birthday. a double celebration for him.

my mom will never stop smiling for the next 10 years i guess.
i love them to bits.

Friday, November 19, 2010

bajet (rumah) 2010

when you owned your own home, it means -- a huge pocket damage will be happen sooner, or sometimes later (especially mcm i yg tak reti nak saba ni .. huahuahua).

we have spent a lot for our home stuff for this year - coffee table, dining table, tv cabinet, wall paper. it was all there in "2010 our home budget".
but the latest one, wardrobe for my master bed room, has never been in the list (yet). it supposed to be 2011 budget .. tp sbb dpt bonus terkejut hari teww maka haruslah spent pada wardrobe idaman kalbu ini (bilik sendiri haruslah enak di pandang mata!).

a 10ft one. gile puas hati makkk. mak beraya dlm wardrobe baru iteww.

left for her. right for him. perlu 5S! tp hubs kata kalau nak 5S kene la letak label sekali (huh!)

his favourite - tie rack

accessories for her

her favourite - accessories organizer

maka dengan ini sudahlah tamat aktiviti membeli barang rumah untuk tahun ini. next to focus - our family vacation for next month. $$$$$$$. gomen, nape laa u all bg bonus 500 jek?? tak brape nak cukup tawww.

anyway, i should start doing my "2011 home budget". next year we are going to extend our kitchen and "broke" is going to be my middle name for the whole next year. heh.
vacation might not be in the list for next year. *sob*sob*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

photo of the month

ulang naik slide sampai sploh kali. eh korang ni tak de aktiviti lain ke selain aktiviti air? ngeeeee.

location: pedas wetland, n9
photo credit to: along & kak yunni

Friday, November 12, 2010

a new journey =)

i thanked God for hearing my pray - to start my new work life by next year.
kerja-idaman-kalbu yang dicari-cari akhirnye comes to an end.
yes i got an offer =) a better one of course.

i'm sooo glad cause i'm going right towards my personal objective for next year - i want to be out from my comfort zone (to be a better one i have to be out from my current place. i have no potential to grow in this company, so i have to leave asap). i need new environment. i need carrier advancement. i'm hunger of new knowledge. i challenged myself for new challenge. and definitely, i need myself a new pay (hehe, but who doesnt right? :P).

next job - i know its going to be tougher & dirtier!! gaji yg okkk (alhamdulillah walaupon tak sehebat gaji kawan-kawan yg keje O&G) & definitely new environment (yes, its not going to be a similar one, but the job scope is still the same). anyway, i'm going to remain my post as a junior engineer (never mind!) but the pay is meant for senior engineer (kahkahkah. money matters most compared to position when living in this expensive world).

good luck to myself. will start to serve at new place on january 2011.
weehoooo for myself :)

p/s even though hubs & i were in the same background (engineering), but we have a different point of view in our dream job. hubs prefer to wear slacks & tie to work & working with people (that's why he joined PTD!) but i prefer working with machine and wearing jeans to work. haha. but at home, we still speak the same language =)