Monday, December 31, 2012

re-cap 2012

recap 2012 (note to self):

- hadzim first day school, playschool to be exact. Krista, the name of his school. he love his school very much, sebab ada playground besar kat skolah, so boleh main sampai lebam. he recognized ABC, numbers, shapes, colors after 3months schooling.

- had our 1st vacation for 2012 year .. to USS!

- sunatkan hadfina.

- 2nd vacation. to Bandung.

- hadzim turns 3.
- and i turn 30!! OMG. masih tak percaya .. haha.
- fina had her first dip in pool on my birthday :)
- i supposed to run 10km in SCKLM, but have to cancel due to hadzim was on fever .. sedih :(

- hadfina had her viral fever.

- hafdzuan made thru his first attempt on half-iron man distance. im so proud of him!

- hadfina started walking herself on 9m2w.

- hadfina on formula milk has started. alhamdulillah, fina exclusive breastfed for her first 10months :)
- join my 1st ever running event, Nike run 10km. hubs did not join but he ran with me for the last 2km :)
- first gathering after 6years with my uni-housemates. all was here, in my place, with their kids. so loud! :)

- our final vacation for this year. its Bali trip! with the whole of Maznah family :)
- was appointed to be Product Engineer. Major changes for me. dah laa kene handle project terbengkalai .. 
was busy like hell and that is why i dont have much time to blog anymore :(

- had my 2nd run for this year .. 12km Newton run. succeed!

ok now have to plan for 2013. 
hello 2013!

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ashra said...

hehe.wey.masih x percaya da 30?udah2 la tu.taun ni da 31..hahaha.

btw,aku sokong sepenuhnya larian tuk 2013.chaiyok farah!

pstt...taun ni terbang mane lagi kamu berempat?jeles ni.jeles.aku blum buat mane2 pnerbangan lg nih.hehe.